You are looking for a professional training opportunity in the area of K9 working dogs?

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Modern K9-Training  +++PREMIUM EDITION+++
for Police/Military/Protection – PDF – eBook

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The contents of the ebook (Part 1 and Part 2 from my german books) are the topics related to the importance of cynology in the working K9 dog, general requirements for working K9 dogs, inspection criteria for working K9 dogs, learning behavior of dogs in terms of official use and topics to prevent stress in training, the training of explosives detection dogs and much much more ..
This book is currently not available in public bookstores! You thus have the opportunity to receive a very exclusive book about the working K9 dogs and thus to become an expert!

High-quality Ebook – 229 pages – of which 50 pages are illustrated.

  •    You are looking for a professional training opportunity in the area of K9 dogs?
  •     You can not continue with the training of your dog?
  •     You are a professional dog leader or would you like to become one?
  •     Are you interested in professional K9 dog training?
  •     You want to earn your living with K9 dogs?

With this book you get a lot of expert knowledge and take it to a gigantic level.

  • The nature of the working dog 
  • Verification criteria 
  • Motivation & Reward  
  • Requirements for K9 dogs 
  • The modern working dogs 
  • The bond between members of a working team   
  • Load limits in the protection Service  
  • Training techniques in the protection Service for working k9 dogs under the microscope  
  • The best possible development of young dogs in the protection Service for the working K9 area 
  • The DOGINARE 6-phase training of working dogs 
  • Introduction of high physical and environmental stress 
  • Training without electricity and without sting? 
  • Correction of “overexcited” guard dogs 
  • Introduction of civilian work / muzzle fighting 
  • Behavior in Isolation  
  • The reporting and barking of the decoy 
  • The purchase check – now the dog must deliver 
  • Rummaging and find persons 
  • Human scent 
  • Chemistry of human scent 
  • Skin and human scent 
  • Individuality of human scent 
  • Individuality of human scent: the help of chemistry 
  • Alive scent vs. dead scent 
  • A link to dog training 
  • Human scent and environment 
  • Perception and emotions 
  • What exactly happens when this negative stress develops? 
  • Physiological indicators of stress 
  • Stress in training – not like that! 
  • A practical guide to the well-being of K9 dogs 
  • Behavior stereotypes or repetitive behavior 
  • Chewing up the sleeping place and/or the kennel
  • Effects of stress 
  • Behavioral indicators for stress 
  • Physical reactions to stress 
  • Learning & memory 
  • Auditory stimulation of puppies 
  • Are the colors of the coat relevant for health and behavior? 
  • When the brain goes hunting…
  • Systematics in learning behavior 
  • Psychobiological factors in team building 
  • Dogs’ willingness to play – Playing with your dog 
  • Behavior in the environment – Practical requirements 
  • Special fields of application for K9 dogs 
  • The chemical basics for working with explosive detection dogs 
  • Technical platforms for odor differentiation  

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