Nose for Danger uncovering the secrets of Terrorism: On the Trail of the Perpetrators - Hard-Cover

Welcome to the world of "Nose for Danger uncovering the secrets of Terrorism"
A book that takes you on a breathtaking journey deep into the heart of terrorism and the lives of those who tirelessly stand at the forefront to protect us.
The complex network of terror is illuminated here - from politically motivated crime, state terrorism, left-wing and right-wing extremism, constitutional protection-relevant delegitimization of the state, foreign-related terrorism, to the self-administrators and Reich citizens.
And last but not least, the often overlooked yet devastating presence of Islamist terrorism. However, the protagonists in this multi-layered drama are not only humans.
At the center of this work stand the invisible heroes - the explosive detection dogs. With their remarkable ability to sniff out explosives, they play a crucial role in combating this global threat.
The book "Nose for Danger uncovering the secrets of Terrorism" is a wake-up call reminding us that terrorism is not just a problem we see in the news, but a reality that occurs every day in our world.
It invites us to delve deeper into this issue and learn more about the various facets of terrorism that are often overlooked or seem too complex to understand.
This book is a journey into darkness to find the light.
It is a call to rethink and question our perceptions and understanding of terrorism. "502 pages - 84 pages color illustrated"

Who is the book suitable for?:

Professionals in law enforcement and security:
These individuals work directly with the issues of terrorism and can benefit from a deeper understanding of the role of detection dogs and their training in combating terrorism.

Students and scholars in criminology and security studies:
This group can gain valuable insights from the deep dive into terrorism and related topics discussed in my book.

Dog handlers and trainers:
People who work with dogs, especially detection dogs, could benefit from the detailed information on the training and skills of detection dogs.
General audience with interest in social, political, and security-related issues: This group could be interested in the insights into the world of terrorism and the role of detection dogs in combating this threat.

Dog lovers and enthusiasts:
People who love and appreciate dogs might be interested in the special skills and the role of detection dogs in society.

Readers of non-fiction and true-crime books:
People who enjoy reading books about real events and crimes might be interested in the detailed insights and stories in my book.

Those interested in politics and human rights activists:
This group can benefit from the discussions on various forms of terrorism and their impacts on society.
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